Annual proceedings


Ngā Pūtahitanga / Crossings: A Joint Conference of SAHANZ and the Australasian UHPH Group

Proceedings of the 39th Annual Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand


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Aoki, Atsuhiro
Taguchi, Toshio
Reconsideration of Urban Design from a Perspective of Coordinative Mechanism in Local Administration: A Case Study of Yokohama’s Urban Design Section
Barnes, Anthony
Learning with Lutyens: Noel Bamford and the Design of Ngahere, Auckland (1907)
Burns, Karen
Women, Care, and the Settler Nation: The Victorian Country Women’s Association, 1928
Christie, Robyn
The Great Debate: Campaigns and Conflicts in London in the 1980s
Dieckmann, Clare
Jet Crossings: Flying Hybrid Machines Over Rose Bay Seaplane Airport (1938)
Dunham, Laura
“The Moral of these Pictures:” New Zealand’s Early Urban Reform Movements in Lantern Lectures
Florea, Alexandra
Lozanovska, Mirjana
Rosia Montana, Romania: An Analysis of its Heritage Conservation from an Architectural and Planning Perspective
Gardiner, Fiona
Modernist and Heritage Conservationist: Karl Langer’s Contribution to the Heritage Movement in Queensland
Haarhoff, Errol
David Crane’s ‘Capital Web’: Crossings Between Architecture, Urban Design and Planning as Disciplines and Practices from the 1950s
Hardwick, Carol
W. M. Dudok and Hilversum: Architect and Municipal Planner; Dissemination of this Interconnection amongst Australian Architects, 1925-1955
Hogben, Paul
Financing Civic Improvement: The Community Amenities Funding Scheme of the Joint Coal Board
Holden, Susan
Volz, Kirsty
Women and Design Leadership: A New Era of Architects in the Public Sector
Holleran, Samuel
The Cemetery and the Golf Course: Mid-Century Planning and the Pastoral Imaginary
Ji, Nancy Yao
Renovation Machizukuri in Contemporary Japan: The Cases of Suwa, Kokura and Onomichi
Jin, Xin
Crossing Landscape and Architecture: Embodiment of A-Perspectival Space in Wang Shu’s Oblique Drawings
Kiely, Joss
Lights, Camera… Aluminum!: Materiality and Monumentality in Welton Becket’s Masterplan of Century City, CA
Kulkarni, Mugdha
Unfolding the Secrets of Vijaydurg Fort
Kwabi, Cyndelle
Shifting Focus from Architecture to Heritage: Stories of Three Australian Women Architects
Loneragan, John
Selective Consciousness: Re-crossing Heritage Narratives
Lozanovska, Mirjana
Port Kembla BHP Steelworks, Australia: Post-War Immigrant Histories of Architecture, Urbanism and Heritage
Marfella, Giorgio
The Trouble with Harry: Seidler’s Tall Urban Design Legacy in Melbourne
Nazareth, Ian
Hamann, Conrad
Heyworth, Rosemary
Gargano, Lisa
Intensive Boundaries and Liminality: What drives Melbourne’s Suburban Sprawl
O’Rourke, Timothy
Sully, Nicole
Chaddock, Steve
From Rambling to Elevated Walkways: Piecemeal Planning Histories in National Parks
Pompejano, Federica
The Planning of Socialist Urbanity: The New City of Kukës in Albania
Purwaningrum, Diah Asih
Savirani, Amalinda
Widiastuti, Indah
Praningtyas, Septaliana Dewi
Dandy, Alvin Try
Reimagining West Sumatra’s Architectural Identity: Is the Pointy Silhouette Enough?
Roark, Ryan
Dystopia, Climate Change and Heritage Conservation in the Late Nineteenth Century
Roland, Stephanie
Stevens, Quentin
North Korean Aesthetics within a Colonial Urban Form: Monuments to Independence and Democracy in Windhoek, Namibia
Rolla, Candida
Moro, Marco
Naretto, Monica
The Shape of Knowledge: University Campuses as Historic Urban Landscapes through Experiences of the University of Auckland and Politecnico di Torino
Ruckes, Amber Anahera
Matemateāone – A Journey Beyond ‘Māori’ Architecture: Exploring a Te Māhurehure (Hapū) Approach to Architecture through Whakapapa
Siamphukdee, Chayakan
de Jong, Ursula
Adaptive Reuse: The Case of Geelong’s Westfield, where Architectural, Urban and Heritage Practices Intersect
Skinner, Robin
“Beware the Snufflebust, My Son!”: Clough Williams-Ellis in New Zealand, 1947-1948
Stevens, Quentin
A History of Protest Memorials in Three Democratic East-Asian Capital Cities: Taipei, Hong Kong and Seoul
Su, Freya
Beynon, David
Krisadawat, Van
Otherness and Cultural Change on Marginal Sites: The Siting and Establishment of Daoist Temples in Australia
Taguchi, Toshio
Local Government Coordination in 1960s Yokohama, Japan: The Case of the Inner-City Motorway Project
Taheri, Mehdi
Heritage Conservation versus Urban Development and Politics: Persepolis Tent City in the Aftermath of the Imperial Celebration, 1971-1979
Telford, Elsie
Kidd, Akari Nakai
de Jong, Ursula
Andrew McCutcheon, Evan Walker and David Yencken: Tracing Cross-Disciplinary Understandings in Architecture in 1970s Melbourne
Temby, Anna
Municipal Parks versus Glorious Gardens: The Tensions of Inter-Governmental Management of Urban Park Space
Wilson, Andrew
Centenary Estates: Private Development and Brisbane’s Post-War Expansion West
Zammit, Sarah-Jane
Notre-Dame as the Memory of Paris: Hugo, the Historical Novel and Conservation
Zhu, Jie
Integrating Urban Sculptures into the Urban Planning System in China: Origin, Transition and Breakthrough, 1982-2003