Society information

SAHANZ promotes standards of excellence in architectural history by facilitating communication between scholars in Australia and New Zealand; by encouraging discussion, criticism and debate among all who are interested in the subject of architectural history; by holding regular conferences; by producing a scholarly journal, Fabrications; by encouraging student participation in its activities; contributing to the teaching of architectural history; and by supporting the processes of conservation in relation to such matters as significant structures and sites, documents and archives.


Since its inception in 1984 the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand (SAHANZ) has held annual conferences, which usually include a triple-stream programme, invited keynote speakers and associated field-trips. In 1989 the Society established its refereed journal, Fabrications, which now appears as three issues yearly.

While the Society welcomes research considering all aspects of architectural history and theory, over the last three decades members have produced an impressive body of work relating to the architecture of First Nations peoples in Australasia and the South Pacific. Furthermore, as early as 1992 the annual conference called for papers relating to Asia and Australasia, and SAHANZ continues to encourage the development of research networks in this area. In particular, we invite scholars to submit work on Asian architecture to our annual conference and journal.

The Society’s Names

The Society has three names. Acknowledging the status of First Nations peoples in our respective countries, in 2011 the Society sought indigenous names which may be used in parallel to its English title.

In Aotearoa New Zealand, where Māori is an official language and where organisations take bilingual names, the Society is also known as ‘Ngā Pou Whare’. This literally means The posts of the house , where the words ngā pou mean the posts and whare means house, houses or buildings. Listen to the pronunciation (34kb mp3).

‘Ngā Pou Whare’ refers not only to physical structure, but also to depth of knowledge, history and the structure of the Society. Pou may also refer to people, so the name may also be understood to refer to the members of the Society. We thank Professor Rawinia Higgins at Victoria University of Wellington for her help determining this name.

The Kaurna Warra Pintyanthi of the Adelaide Plains, South Australia have also provided a name in their language, Kaurna. The name ‘Wangkalangkalarna Wardlirnaitya’ means Talkers of Buildings. Since there is no pan-Australian indigenous language, this name is only used by the Society when it meets in the Adelaide region (where the Society was originally formed), and then in consultation with Kaurna Warra Pintyanthi. We thank them and Dr Rob Amery of the University of Adelaide for their advice and support for this initiative.

Read more about Kaurna Warra Pintyanthi and the Kaurna language.

In Australia, conference organisers may at times consult with local groups to determine if it is appropriate to adopt a parallel indigenous name for the Society which is suitable at their conference location.

Life Members and Honorary Members

The Society awards Honorary and Life Memberships. Honorary memberships acknowledge contribution to the field of architectural history in Australasia. Life memberships acknowledge contribution to the discipline made by members of the Society.

  • Margaret Alington (2008) d.
  • Brian Andrews (2008)
  • Mike Austin (2004)
  • Judith Brine (2002)
  • Philip Goad (2017)
  • Robert Irving (2003)
  • Hannah Lewi (2021)
  • Miles Lewis (2013)
  • Ian Lochhead (2013)
  • Desley Luscombe (2022)
  • John Macarthur (2013)
  • Peter Scriver (2022)
  • John Stacpoole (2002)
  • Jennifer Taylor (2015) d.
  • George Tibbits (2008) d.
  • Sarah Treadwell (2017)
  • Paul Walker (2019)
  • Donald Watson (2008)
  • Julie Willis (2021)

Current Officers

President: Flavia Marcello (Swinburne University of Technology)

Secretary: Soon-Tzu Speechley (University of Melbourne)

Treasurer: Peyman Akhgar (Griffith University)

Communication and Social Media Managers: Sanja Rodeš (Deakin University) and Jason Crow (Monash University)

Committee members:

  • Peter Scriver (University of Adelaide)
  • Julian Worrall (University of Tasmania)
  • Gina Hochstein (University of Auckland)
  • Elsie Telford (Deakin University)

Past Officers

2021-2023: President: Paul Hogben, Sydney / Secretary: Cristina Garduno Freeman, Melbourne / Treasurer: Ashley Paine, Brisbane / Communication and Social Media Managers: Jason Crow and Sanja Rodeš

2019-2021: President: Paul Hogben, Sydney / Secretary: Cristina Garduno Freeman, Melbourne / Treasurer: Ashley Paine, Brisbane / Social Media Manager: Macarena de la Vega (2019-2020) Sanja Rodeš and Libby Richardson (2021)

2017-2019: President: Naomi Stead, Melbourne / Secretary: Janina Gosseye, Brisbane / Treasurer: Ashley Paine, Brisbane / Social Media Manager: Macarena de la Vega (2018-2019)

2015-2017: President: Christoph Schnoor, Auckland / Secretary: Janina Gosseye, Brisbane (2015-2016) and Amit Srivastava, Adelaide (2016-2017) / Treasurer: Catherine Lassen, Sydney

2013-2015: President: Antony Moulis, Brisbane / Secretary: Alexandra Brown, Gold Coast / Treasurer: Leonie Matthews, Perth

2011-2013: President: Stuart King, Launceston / Secretary: Michael Chapman, Newcastle / Treasurer: Leonie Matthews, Perth

2009-2011: President: Robin Skinner, Wellington / Secretary: Nicole Sully, Brisbane / Treasurer: Leonie Matthews, Perth

2007-2009: President: Peter Kohane, Sydney / Secretary: Stuart King, Tasmania / Treasurer: Leonie Matthews, Perth

2005-2007: President: Hannah Lewi, Melbourne / Secretary: Kate Linzey, Wellington / Treasurer: Philip Goldswain, Perth

2003-2005: President: Harriet Edquist, Melbourne / Secretary: Igea Troiani, Brisbane / Treasurer: Kevin Green, Darwin

2001-2003: President: John Macarthur, Brisbane / Secretary: Andrew Leach, Wellington / Treasurer: Antony Moulis, Brisbane

1999-2001: President: Richard Blythe, Launceston / Secretary: Hannah Lewi, Perth / Treasurer: Scott Drake, Adelaide

1997-1999: President: Philip Goad, Melbourne / Secretary: Harriet Edquist (secretary) and Ursula de Jong (membership secretary), Melbourne / Treasurer: Andrew Hutson, Melbourne

1995-1997: President: Desley Luscombe, Sydney / Secretary: Paul-Alan Johnson, Sydney / Treasurer: Stephen Frith, Canberra

1993-1995: President: Fiona Gardiner, Brisbane / Secretary: Ian Sinnamon (secretary) and Brit Andresen (membership secretary), Brisbane / Treasurer: Michael Kennedy, Brisbane

1991-1993: President: Miles Lewis, Melbourne / Secretary: Anne Neale, Melbourne / Treasurer: Lorraine Huddle, Melbourne

1989-1991: President: Judith Brine, Canberra / Secretary: Donald Dunbar, Canberra / Treasurer: Duncan Marshall, Canberra

1987-1989: President: Peter Proudfoot, Sydney / Secretary: Peter Reynolds (secretary) and Paul-Alan Johnson (membership secretary), Sydney / Treasurer: Robert Irving, Sydney

1986-1987: Acting President: Judith Brine, Adelaide / Secretary: Robyn Taylor, Adelaide / Treasurer: Donald Langmead, Adelaide

1985-1986: President: David Saunders, Adelaide / Secretary: Peter Bell, Adelaide / Treasurer: Donald Langmead, Adelaide