SAHANZ aims to promote the understanding and enjoyment of architectural history through scholarly discussion, criticism and debate.

All who support the society’s goals are welcome to join the society. Members from all corners of the globe receive the society’s journal Fabrications, qualify for a discount fee to the annual mid-year conference and have access to the members’ email list (see below).

Types of membership

There are several membership categories:

  • Ordinary
  • Student
  • Benefactor
  • Honorary
  • Life

Honorary memberships acknowledge contribution to the field of architectural history in Australasia, while Life memberships acknowledge contribution to the discipline made by members of the society.

Architectural practices and heritage consultancies are able to join at either an Ordinary or Benefactor member rate. These members receive a subscription to Fabrications and are able to nominate one staff member to attend the conference at a member rate.

Joining the Society

To become a member of SAHANZ, or to renew your membership, simply go to the secure website to fill in your details and make safe payment by CREDIT CARD there. Reminder emails for renewed subscriptions are sent annually to the society email list.

Rates for 2018/19 (1 July-30 June) are:

  • Ordinary members: $110 AUD
  • Student members: $60 AUD

A large and vibrant membership is vital to the health of the Society, so remember to maintain your status as a financial member to enable us to plan the work of the Society, and to grow the membership base.

(Outstanding payments for 2017/18 can still be made by credit card through this earlier secure website.)

Change of Address

Send updates of your address information (for Fabrications deliveries etc) to the Society’s secretary, Janina Gosseye at


Members are welcome to make bequests to the Society to strengthen future research activity in Australia and New Zealand.

Such bequests could provide for student attendance at conferences, or could fund a specific research award including contributing to the existing Saunders Founder’s Grant.

Donors who would like to discuss these options may contact the current SAHANZ President, Naomi Stead at

email lists

SAHANZ messages

If members have information that they want to share with other SAHANZ members, this should be sent to the Society’s secretary, Janina Gosseye at, who will then circulate it to the membership.


SAHANZ maintains an email list for members, which includes conference alerts, academic CfPs and membership subscription reminders.

New people can sign up here.

To post a message to this list, please send your text in an email to the current SAHANZ Secretary.


ATCH at University of Queensland hosts a list for everything academically architectural , which carries notices of conferences, scholarships and employment. s-architecture maintains a blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

To subscribe:

  1. Email go to the signup page
  2. Leave the subject line blank
  3. In the body of the message write “subscribe s-architecture”, and turn off your signature.