Annual proceedings



Proceedings of the 31st Annual Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand

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Acker, Wouter van
Davidts, Wouter
If Walls Could Talk: The Brick Sculptures of Per Kirkeby
Aitchison, Mathew
Dongas and Demountables: Four Observations Concerning Prefabricated Housing
Albarqawi, Wadia
Saudi National Identity versus Makkah Transnational Identity, 1932–64
Anderson, Ross
Figures of Mediation: Late Gothic Chapel Vaults Between Primordial Stone and Medieval Theology
Austin, Mike
Turning (Back) to Linguistics
Barnes, Anthony
Translation in the Transition: Examining Innovations in the Design of Auckland’s ‘Transitional Houses’
Beynon, David
Gardiner, Brandon
Jong, Ursula de
Lozanovska, Mirjana
Marcello, Flavia
An Issues paper: The Roots / Routes of Australian Architecture: Elements of an Alternative Architectural History
Bignell, Marty
Some Assembly Required: Component and Ensemble in Prefabricated Australian Domestic Construction
Bobic, Nikolina
Re-Negotiating Balkanism: Body De-Stabilizing in Belgrade’s Republic Square
Brown, Alexandra
Leach, Andrew
Beyond Starlight
Budgett, Jeanette
Parade’s End? 1 Shop / Houses in New Zealand
Chau, Hing-wah
Wang Shu’s Xiangshan Campus and Tong Jun’s Writings on the Chinese Garden
Clarke, Amy
Translating Scottishness from the Homeland to the Diaspora: A Consideration of Nova Scotia’s ‘Scottish’ Architectural Landscape
Cliffin, Penelope Frances
Therapy in Translation: Landscape Ideas from the Whau Lunatic Asylum and Unitec Campus
Dupré, Karine
The Translation of the Architectural Modernization Discourse in Guadeloupe (1928–81)
Eggener, Keith
How Christopher Wren Came to America: The Relocation and Transformation of a London Parish Church
Favaro, Paola
McMahon’s Point, Sydney: a Translation of the 1956 CIAM 10 Urban Consciousness?
Francis, Kerry
NZ Chinese / Chinese NZ: Auckland Architecture’s Changing Response
Freestone, Robert
Auckland Calling at the Bottom of the Dial: The Journey of British Architect-Planner R. T. Kennedy
Gatley, Julia
Women in New Zealand Architecture: A Literature Review
Go-Sam, Carroll
Assimilating Problems: From Humpies to Transitional Houses
Goad, Philip
The Translation of Practice: The Offices of John Andrews in Toronto (1962–74) and Palm Beach (1969–90)
Guedes, Pedro
Infrastructures for the Spice Trade: Factories and Fortified Enclaves on the Shores of the Indian Ocean and Far East
Gusheh, Maryam
Kahn in Dhaka: The Capitol and the City
Harding, Duncan
Schmidt, Tyson
Eurocentric Heritage Values and the Treaty: a Dialogue in W[h]anganui
Hartoonian, Gevork
Gottfried Semper: Tectonic Translations
Henderson, Ian
Re-writing through both Phenomena and Noumena: A Case Study on the “Donnell Garden”
Jasper, Michael
A Warp of Ideas: Hejduk Translating Mondrian
Jong, Ursula Maria de
Translating the Gothic Tradition: St Patrick’s Cathedral Melbourne
Kahn, Michael M.
Translating Historic Vernacular: Can Anyone ‘Make it Right’?
Kaji-O’Grady, Sandra
Translating and Representing Bioscience Through Architecture
Keslacy, Elizabeth
A Question of Category: Translations between the Decorative Arts, Architecture, and Design at the birth of the Cooper-Hewitt (1963–76)
Keys, Cathy
Skin Fabric Iron Shade
Kiely, Joss
Architectural Aerialism: The Translation of Aviation in Late Modern Architecture, 1951–75
Lassen, Catherine
Drawn Translations: Toward and Beyond Buhrich’s Building
Lewi, Hannah
Murray, Andrew
Façadism as Urban Taxidermy: All Skin and no Bones
Li, Mengbi
The “Translation” of Zhaobi in China across Time and Space
Mackenzie-Hooson, Margaret
Translating Architecture and Planning from Berlin and Britain to New Zealand: the Work and Life of Gerhard Rosenberg
Marriage, Guy
Stead Ellis and Joshua Charlesworth, Architects
McCarthy, Christine
Narrating the City Beautiful: Edmund Anscombe and His 1928 World Trip
Memmott, Paul
Keys, Cathy
Translating the Design of Behaviour Settings for Aboriginal Well-Being
Mindrup, Matthew
Bauhaus Translations from Material to Architecture
Morgan, Luke
“My Proper Flesh”: Hybridity and the Grotesque in Renaissance Landscape Design
Moulis, Antony
The Mechanical Organic: On the Discourse of Ecology in the Architecture of John Andrews
Musgrave, Elizabeth
Formal Abstraction: From Art to Architecture in the Work of John Dalton
Norrie, Helen
Seadon, Joel
Round House / Glass House: JH Esmond Dorney at Porter Hill, Hobart
O’Callaghan, Judith
When Gropius came to Sydney [and Melbourne]
O’Rourke, Timothy
Architectural Experiments in Aboriginal Housing in the Early 1970s
O’Sullivan, Nan
Duplicity: The Translation of Bauhaus Pedagogy into American Modernist Architectural Education
Paine, Ashley
Principles for the Definition of a Striped Architecture
Painter, Diana
Regional Modernism on the West Coast: a Tale of Four Cities
Perin, Gavin
Matthews, Linda
The Return of Anamorphism: the Digital Oblique
Petty, Margaret Maile
Day and Night, Ladies, Watch Your Light: The Gendered Discourse and Aesthetics of Electric Lighting for the Domestic Interior in the United States, 1900s–50s
Pieris, Anoma
Cowra, NSW: Architectures of Internment
Plaat, Deborah van der
Building and Living North of the 28th Parallel: Climate, Character and the Queensland House
Riddel, Robert
Paten House, 1963–67. A Client’s Story: Offering a New Perspective for Architectural History
Roberts, Wendy
Company Transfer: the Architectural Dialect at the Edges of Empire
Rodeš, Sanja
The Museum after the “Bilbao Effect”
Rodrigo, Russell
Designs on the Atomic Age: The Architectural Translation of Australia’s Post-war Nuclear Ambitions
Schnoor, Christoph
Between Werkbund and Wartime Sobriety: Ernst Plischke’s Multi–Units for Orakei
Seligmann, Ari
Japonisation of Modern Architecture: Kikuji Ishimoto, Junzo Sakakura and Other Precursors
Simon, Katrina
Dismembering – Remembering: Seeking Petre’s Ruined Cathedral in its Family of Resemblances
Southcombe, Mark
Translating Habitat: Revisiting Pitarua Court & Thorndon Mews
Steen, Andrew P.
Operation Marginalia: Translations of Semiology and Architecture
Stevens, Quentin
Sumartojo, Shanti
’56 after ’89: Re-commemorating Hungarian History after the Fall of Communism
Stevenson, Louise
Communications Building: Tropical Modern Architecture from West Africa to the Pacific
Talei, Charmaine ‘Ilaiu
Translation of Aid Houses in Tonga
Turner, David
Contingent Interpretations: Unreliable Memories in Stories of New Zealand Architecture
Utomo, Nugroho
Béton Prefabriqué: Translating Materials ‘as Found’ in Pre-Cast
Wake, Susan J.
Leather, Joanne M.
Agents of Change or Changed Agents? Early Missionary Landscape Translations through Knowledge, Culture and Biota at Bay of Islands Missions, New Zealand
Westbrook, Nigel
The Regionalist Debate in the Context of the 1970s International Architecture Forums in Iran