Annual proceedings


Architecture, Institutions and Change

Proceedings of the 32nd Annual Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand

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Alic, Dijana
Reflections on Martin Place
Anderson, Ross
Making the Cathedral Immanent: German Architecture and the Question of Institutional Order
Bawden, Gene
Repatriating the Home: The 1944 Home Advice Manual of Nora McDougall
Bischeri, Cecilia
Bosio, Andrea
The Architecture of Expos and the Projection of Government Aspirations for the Host Cities: Brisbane ’88 and Lisbon ’98
Brennan, AnnMarie
Design Process as Argumentation: Horst Rittel and the Systems Theory Approach in Architectural Education
Burns, Karen
Walker, Paul
Publicly Postmodern: Media, Image and the New Social Housing Institution in 1980s Melbourne
Chau, Hing-wah
De-institutionalisation of Aged Care Residential Facilities in Australia: Aldersgate Village in Adelaide and Wintringham Facilities in Melbourne as Case Studies
Colman, Scott
Rowe’s Courthouse Utopia
Daws, Karen
The Built Response to ‘Hospitalism’: Complexity in Practice
De Lorenzo, Catherine
Warr, Anne
Ordinary Architecture, Extraordinary Heritage and the Cycles of Institutional Change and Neglect
de Manincor, John
Open to Change: Is Open Source Design an Agent of Change for the Institution of Architecture?
Dupre, Karine
Nantes Protestant Church: Symbolising Post-World War II Changes Between Architecture and Protestant Institutions in France
Fair, Alistair
Rethinking the Post-war British Theatre: Monumentality, Sean Kenny, and the State c. 1963-1973
Freestone, Robert
Pullan, Nicola
From Wilkinson to Winston: Towards a Planning Degree at the University of Sydney 1919-1949
Galvin, Vanessa
The Soul-Crafted Interior
Gardner, Nicole
Agitating Architecture: Critical Reflections on Ubiquitous Computing
Garnaut, Christine
An ‘Innovation’ at the South Australian School of Mines and Industries: A Town Planning Course in the Architecture Department 1949-1955
Goad, Philip
Free Spirits, New Education and the New School: A Different Account of Modernism in Australian Architecture 1925-1975
Gray, Fiona
The Misanthropes, Larrikins and Mallrats of Market Square: An Enduring Public Space Dilemma in Central Geelong
Guedes, Pedro
Ecstasies of Global Reach: Catholic Missionary Building and Settlements before 1750
Gusheh, Maryam
Martin Place Pedestrian Precinct: Life Between Institutions
Holden, Susan
The Institutionalisation of Campus Planning in Australia: Wally Abraham and the Development of Macquarie University 1964-1982
Hsieh, Lisa
New Wave ArchiteXt: Pulverising the Japanese Pyramid of Order
Kahn, Michael M.
Paine, Ashley
The Decorated Synagogue: Architectural Appropriation and Assimilation at Atlanta’s Temple
Kaji-O’Grady, Sandra
Smith, Chris L.
Unquiet Darkness: Institutions, Information and Dissimulation at the Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory
Koehler, Maren
Mediating Exchange: Revisiting Skidmore, Owings & Merrill’s Manufacturers Trust Company Branch
Kohane, Peter
Charles Robert Cockerell’s Formation of Architectural Principles
Laidlaw, Reagan
Schnoor, Christoph
Biculturalism in New Zealand Correctional Facilities
Lassen, Catherine
Hugh and Eva Buhrich: In and Outside Architecture, Australia
Logan, Cameron
Anti-institutions: Schooling without School Buildings
Lozanovska, Mirjana
McKnight, Julia
Émigré Architects and the Australian Architecture Establishment
Macarthur, John
Architecture, HEAT and the Government of Culture
Margalit, Harry
Favaro, Paola
From Social Role to Urban Significance: The Changing Presence of the MLC Company in Martin Place
McLaughlan, Rebecca
The Role of Professional Marginalisation in the Development of New Zealand’s Mental Hospital Architecture 1927-1971
Micheli, Silvia
Brisbane, Australia’s New World City: The Making of Public and Institutional Spaces in South Bank from Expo ’88 to the G20
Moore, Timothy
Burns, Karen
Pert, Alan
An Interim Institution: Between Ruin and Restoration at St Peter’s Seminary
Moulis, Antony
Russell, Georgina
Design as Remedial Practice: John Andrews International Educational Projects in Queensland 1972-1980
Murray, Andrew
Matthews, Leonie
Geodesic Domes and Experimental Architectural Education Practices of the 1960s
Musgrave, Elizabeth
Structuring Space for Student Life: John Dalton’s 1970s Campus Commissions
Nichols, David
Planning at the University of Melbourne in the first half of the Twentieth Century
Paine, Ashley
Institutional Polychromy: The Striped Architecture of Don Watson and Spence Jamieson
Petrović, Emina
Vale, Brenda
Marques, Bruno
On the Rise and Apparent Fall of Architectural Psychology in the 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s
Pugnale, Alberto
Bologna, Alberto
Dante Bini’s “New Architectural Formulae”: Construction, Collapse and Demolition of Binishells in Australia 1974-20151
Pullan, Nicola
A Roof Over Their Heads: Temporary Dwellings in Post-war Suburban Sydney
Roberts, John
Landscape and the Little Man: Aalto, the Institution and the Individual
Ryan, Daniel
Tropical Panoramas: Competitions for Model Houses in Northern and Western Queensland 1923-1930
Sane, Prajakta
Negotiating the International and the Local: A Reading of Achyut Kanvinde’s Indian Institute of Technology Campus, Kanpur (1960-1967) and Campus Design in India (1969)
Sawyer, Mark
Call-and-Response: Group Formation and Agency enacted through an Architectural Magazine, its Letters and Editorials
Schnoor, Christoph
Ernst Plischke and the Dixon Street Flats
Scriver, Peter
‘Institutional Agency’ and Architecture in the field of Colonial Empire-building
Scriver, Peter
Srivastava, Amit
Institutionalising the Profession in Post-colonial Malaysia: The Role of Australian Trained Architects in the establishment of PAM (Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia)
Seligmann, Ari
Inescapable Tradition: Discursive Constructions of Japanese Architecture
Sheppard-Simms, Emma
Simon, Katrina
The Institution of Perpetual Memory: The Typology of the Cemetery and the Generative Potential of Renewable Tenure
Smith, Cathy
The Artisan, the State and the Binaries of DIY Urbanism
Stead, Naomi
The Brisbane Effect: GOMA and the Architectural Competition for a New Institutional Building
Steen, Andrew P.
Guerrilla in the Midst: The Universitas Project and a New Type of Institution
Stickells, Lee
Exiting the Grid: Autonomous House Design in the 1970s
Sully, Nicole
‘Washington Monument Syndrome’: The Monument as Political Hostage in the United States of America
van der Plaat, Deborah
Holden, Susan
Stead, Naomi
Greenop, Kelly
Re-evaluating the Australian Dream: Narratives of High-rise Living in Torbreck
Walker, Paul
Burns, Karen
Architecture and the Australia Council in the 1980s
Warr, Anne
The YMCA and YWCA in Early Twentieth-century China: Effecting Change Locally and Internationally
Westbrook, Nigel
A Return to the Beginnings of Regionalism: Shushtar New Town seen in the light of the 2nd International Congress of Architects, Persepolis, Iran 1974
Zhang, Yanjing
The Transition of the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD) in the 1970s