Annual proceedings


Distance Looks Back

Proceedings of the 36th Annual Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand

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Akhgar, Peyman
The Ecole des Beaux-Arts and the Construction of Iranian National Identity in the Interwar Era: The Architecture of André Godard
Arza Garaloces, Pablo
Shortening Distances: Spanish Architectural Modernity in International Architecture Journals
Brown Molloy, Catherine
A Tale of Two Buildings Separated Only by the Distance of Time
Couchez, Elke
Decorating Distance: Civic Dispositions in Non-Professional Environmental Education
Daunt, Lisa
Communities of Faith: Regional Queensland’s Innovative Modern Post-war Church Architecture
Davidovici, Irina
“Icons of compensation”: The Swiss Alps as Intercultural Boundary
de la Vega de León, Macarena
Mediating History/Distances with Modern Architecture Since 1900
De Lorenzo, Catherine
Distance Eclipsed in the “Big Little Show”: The Australian Pavilion at the 1937 Paris International Exhibition
De Maeyer, Bram
Conceptualising Diplomatic Representation on an Architectural Level: The Purpose-Built Embassy as Architectural Typology?
Deambrosis, Federico
Transatlantic Proximities/ Ambiguous Opportunities: The Multiple Paths of Italian Designers in Argentina, 1948-58
Dielemans, Paul
“Moderately Modern”: The Reading of Modern Dutch Architecture by a Queensland Architect
Esteban Maluenda, Ana
When Distance Matters: Australian Modern Architecture Seen Through European Journals (1945-75)
Galvin, Vanessa
Bridging Death’s Distance via the Victorian Spiritualist Home
George, Beth
Farrar, Sally
Trajectories of Axonometry through Distances and Disciplines
Gosseye, Janina
Watson, Don
Architects on the Verge: Distance in Proximity at “The Pleasures of Architecture”
Gower, Rowan
Exporting Australian Architectural “Expertise” as a Matter of Policy
Hall, Min
Back to Earth: Earth Building in Aotearoa New Zealand 1945- 65
Jones, Lloyd
Roots in the most unlikely of places: Reconsidering the Queensland Art Gallery
Kahn, Michael
Around the World in Eight Kilometres: Tracking Sydney’s “City Circle” International Railway Ties
Lagarde, Louis
Transformations in New Caledonian Architecture, 1853- 1980: An Overview
McLaughlan, Rebecca
Garduño Freeman, Cristina
“You Can’t Say that at SAHANZ”: Critical Nearness and the Role of Autoethnography in Architectural History
Montague, John
L’étranger deux fois: John Rocque’s “Outsider” Maps of London and Dublin
Mulvin, Lynda
Travels of Neoclassical Artists and “Imitation” of the Antique: Robert Wood (1717-71) and Approaches to the Ruins of Palmyra and Baalbek as Journeys through Space and Time
Musgrave, Elizabeth
The Distance between Myth and Reality: Constructing a Modern Architectural Identity in Rural Queensland
Popescu, Carmen
Distance as Space: Casting Marginality Out
Pullan, Nicola
Freestone, Robert
“Enthusiasm, Energy and Originality”: The Influence of Harry Rembert’s European Architectural Investigations on Australian Post-war University Design
Shafiei, Maryam
The Influence of City-Village Distance on the Transformation of Remote Villages in Tehran Region, Iran
Sterken, Sven
Daunt, Lisa
From Austria to Australia: Three Lutheran Churches by Karl Langer
Taylor, William M
Putting down “Roots” en route: Lewis Mumford’s Distanced View of American Design
Ting, John
Vernacular Prefabrication in the Colonial Context: The 1862 Bintulu Type Fort in Sarawak
Tipene, Luke
Representing Colonial Estrangement: Depictions of Unreal Architecture in the Painting A Direct North General View of Sydney Cove, 1794
Toki, Ayano
Miyahara, Mamiko
Approaches to the Bungalow Beyond Time and Distance: Notes of Comparison Between India, the United Kingdom, and Australia
Williams, Katti
Learning to Fly: Distance and the Wartime Experience of Australian Architect Stanley George Garrett
Wilson, Andrew
The Tecton Group and Architects’ Group: Residues of Collective Practice
Xie, Yinrui
Walker, Paul
Negotiation Across Cultural Distance: The Creation and Interpretation of a “Chinese- Style” Christian Campus