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30:2 Aesthetic Anxiety

Fabrications: The Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand invites papers for a special issue (Vol. 30, No. 2) on Aesthetic Anxiety edited by Mirjana Lozanovska and Cameron Logan. Papers are due by 10 October 2019.
The very visibility and publicness of architecture gives expression to what we see of the presence of migrants and migrant communities. Visual expression and visibility of buildings and landscapes, including houses, places of worship, ethnic clubs, retail strips, reception centres, architectural adaptations, and urban park settings present diverse architectural references that contrast dominant paradigms to a broader public. The visual becomes the surfaces of exchange – emotional and cultural – an aesthetic experience and a mediation between the communities inside and the communities outside the visual interface.

Numerous examples of negative reactions towards this visibility of immigrant architectures have led to considerable obstacles to their construction, as in the well-known cases of planning permits for mosques in Australia and elsewhere. In such cases, the buildings are not yet built but represented by drawings. Yet this aesthetic reaction and its resulting resistance is not evenly or equivalently distributed geographically across centres, suburbs, peripheries, or rural contexts; nor is it distributed historically. Can post-structural theories, or affect theory contribute to a historiography of the visibility of architectural difference when this is related to fear and anxiety of immigrant architecture? Do we also need to carefully consider different ways that aesthetics mediates the cultural intelligibility of the visual and how this is not about the surface but a political reconceptualisation?

This issue of Fabrications seeks to explore the histories or historical situations of migrant architecture through its visual culture. Can new strategies for visibility reconstruct the aesthetic experience of migrant architectures, and how can writing histories activate this? We are interested in papers on a particular building or landscape typology; in the detail of the visual interface in historical situations of immigrant architecture; in alternative visual documents of immigrant architectures and diverse aesthetic interpretations; in visual comparisons between immigrant architectures and the defining paradigms of architecture; and in the position of immigrant architecture in heritage discourse. At this intersection between visuality and emotions this issue of Fabrications raises a broad range of questions regarding the problem of plural architectural histories.

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The Editors

Mirjana Lozanovska (2018-21)
School of Architecture & Built Environment
Deakin University
Victoria 3125

Cameron Logan (2019-22)
School of Architecture, Design and Planning
The University of Sydney
New South Wales 2008