What if? What next? Speculations on History’s Futures

November 18 to November 25, 2020

The 37th Annual SAHANZ Conference, 18-25 November 2020 in Perth, Australia, and online.

Hosted by the Department of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, School of Design, the University of Western Australia and convened by Kate Hislop and Hannah Lewi.


Challenges to the transmission of historical knowledge in architectural education today highlight a potential shift in expertise that may ultimately impact upon the production of architecture, as well as a broader understanding of the built environment, which warrants interrogating. At the same time, increasing appetite for the preservation and repurposing of built fabric feeds a growing heritage sector (and associated tourism industry) that offers opportunity for architectural history’s contribution insofar as its basis in inquiry informs knowledge, interpretation and evaluation of buildings and places. The 2020 SAHANZ Conference called for broad consideration of the prospects for architectural history in relation to the endurance and/or transformation of architecture as a discipline and profession.

Image courtesy of Hannah Lewi

The 37th SAHANZ Conference was held 18-25 November 2020 in Perth, Australia, and online. Keynote speaker: Tim Winter.



SAHANZ conference proceedings are subject to copyright protections. Please read the Disclaimer and Copyright Notice.

Complete proceedings PDF 23.05M


  • Abooali, Sareh, Images as Historical Sources: Analysing Persian Miniature Paintings as Documentations of Architectural History PDF
  • Burgess, Anne, Re-visioning and Re-framing Architectural Knowledge: From Imperial Foundations to Shifting Ground PDF
  • Chapman, Michael ; Matthews, Leonie, The Archive of Power: Drawings and Wangi Power Station PDF
  • Charitonidou, Marianna, Urban Commons as a Bridge between the Spatial and the Social: Pro-poor Housing Programmes in Addis Ababa and Commoning Practices PDF
  • Charitonidou, Marianna, Autopia as a New Episteme and New Theoretical Frameworks: The Car-oriented Perception of the City PDF
  • Chatterjee, Ishita; Shafique, Tanzil, The Denial of the Ordinary PDF
  • Chen, Xiaohan; Dong, Yiping; Carlin, Peta, ‘Applicability, Economy and Attention to Beauty with Limitations’: The Origin and Value of a 1950s Chinese Architectural Design Strategic Guideline PDF
  • Clarke, Amy, The City that Lost its Soul: World Heritage, Development, and Contemporary Architectural Design in Edinburgh’s Old and New Towns PDF
  • de la Vega de León, Macarena, SAHANZ: The Last 15 Years, 2004-2019 PDF
  • Etherington, Nathan, The Lands Building, Sydney: Architecture as Instrument in the Colonial Project PDF
  • Fayyaz, Maryam, Sequencing Square: A Study of Patterns in the Plan Drawings of Peter Muller PDF
  • Frichot, Hélène, The Stories We Tell: Damaged Environment-Worlds and Speculative Gestures PDF
  • Frichot, Hélène, The Stories We Tell: Damaged Environment-Worlds and Speculative Gestures PDF
  • Fucelli, Chiara, Memory as a Matter to Reveal and Compose in the Existing: Three Adaptive Reuse Strategies PDF
  • Gatley, Julia, Vertical Living in the 1910s: New Zealand’s First Purpose-built Blocks of Flats PDF
  • George, Beth; Farrah, Sally, Theoretical Iterations of Paraline Projection from Ivan Leonidov, O. M. Ungers, and OMA PDF
  • Goad, Philip; Pert, Alan; Walker, Paul, The Growing House and the Paradox of Preservation PDF
  • Gohari, Anoosheh; Ignatieva, Maria; Westbrook, Nigel, The Fragmentation of Urban Structure in Relation to Memory and Nostalgia, Tajrish, Tehran PDF
  • Greene, Brent; Johnson, Fiona, Millennial Urban Park Design in Melbourne and Wellington: How Divergent Colonial Foundations within the Trans-Tasman Bubble Impact Landscape Practice PDF
  • Gusheh, Maryam; Murphy, Catherine, History in Action: Practice-based Doctoral Research at Monash Architecture PDF
  • Hartoonian, Gevork, Mies Contra Corb: Whatever Happened to the Frame? PDF
  • Hogben, Paul, Unlocking Newcastle’s Modernist Domestic Architecture PDF
  • Javid, Ali, From French Atelier to Italian Studio: The Impact of Italian Pedagogy and Archaeology on Architectural Pedagogy Revolution in Iran PDF
  • Ji, Nancy; Ertl, John , Between archaeology and architecture: The Jomon in the works of Fujimori Terunobu PDF
  • Jones, Lloyd; Varghese, Annalise, Lifting the Veil: Examining the Proposed New Performing Arts Venue for the Queensland Performing Arts Centre PDF
  • Kaji O’Grady, Sandra, Multispecies Workplaces PDF
  • Lonergan, Hamish, ‘Crackpot’ and ‘Dangerous’: On the Authenticity of Miesian Reproductions PDF
  • Mallia, Justin, Contradiction and Synthesis in Italian Fascist Architecture PDF
  • Marcello, Flavia; de Kruiff, Alison; Paay, Jeni, ‘Triennale Virtuale’: New Modes of Architectural History Through VR Experiences of Ephemeral Architecture PDF
  • McCormack, Craig, The Depiction of the Body in Microgravity: Projecting a Physiognomy of Space PDF
  • McGaw, Janet; Vance, Alasdair; Aunty Margaret Gardiner; Uncle Gary Murray; Aunty Esther Kirby; Hunter, Sue-Anne; Rayner, Moira ; White, Selena; Mongta, Sharon, (Not) Royal Park: Recovering the Enduring Importance of a Kulin Nations Gathering Place for Culture, Health, Wellbeing and Healing PDF
  • Mindrup, Matthew, Prolegomena to an Art of Forgetting in Architecture PDF
  • Mitchelhill, Jennifer; Lewi, Hannah; Logan, Cameron, Adaptive Histories: The Role of Architectural Historians in Urban Redevelopment Outcomes PDF
  • Mozaffari, Ali; Westbrook, Nigel, Excavating the Past: The Ferdowsi Monument by Houshang Seyhoun PDF
  • Murray, Andrew , What to Do with ‘Thirty Blow-Ins’ at a Housewarming Party: Peripheral Figures and Architectural History PDF
  • Nurjanti, Huda; Martokusumo, Widjaja; Faisal, Budi; Poetry, Feysa; Nadia, Nathania, Ulin as a Distinctive Character of Kalimantan’s Cultural Landscape: Using Cultural Landscape as Means of Cultural and Ecological Preservation PDF
  • O’Rourke, Timothy; Wei Win, Loy, Architecture as Indigenous Heritage: Extant and Virtual Dormitories in Cherbourg PDF
  • Pini, Gail, Can’t one be both? Gathering the divided bodies of Luis Barragán PDF
  • Rad Yousefnia, Ali, One History and Two Narrations: Contrasting Safavid and Ottoman Histories of Tabriz and Azerbaijan Region PDF
  • Raxworthy, Julian, A Landscape of Fluctuating Boundaries: A Case Study in the Influence of Geomorphology on Urban Morphology PDF
  • Richards, Dominika, Small in Size, Big on Ambition: The Response of the Architectural Profession to the Post-War Housing Crisis in Queensland (1945-55) and its Impact on Domestic Design PDF
  • Rodeš, Sanja, Image, Fashion and Architecture: The Case of Prada PDF
  • Roland, Stephanie; Stevens, Quentin; Simon, Katrina, Segregation and Memory: Windhoek’s Spatial Evolution as the Capital of Namibia PDF
  • Roudavski, Stanislav; Davis, Ashley, Respect for Old Age and Dignity in Death: The Case of Urban Trees PDF
  • Rousset, Isabel, The Science of the Superblock: Rudolf Eberstadt’s Image for Greater Berlin, c.1910 PDF
  • Saeedi, Azin, The Architectural and Urban Legacies of Rezah Shah: Towards Amassed Shi’i Mausoleums in Current Shiraz PDF
  • Saha, Lipon; Nicholls, Ron; Sivam, Alpana; Sinclair, Karen; Karuppannan, Sadasivam; Atkinson, Stephen, Reconciling Australian Aboriginal Architecture: A Built-Unbuilt Dilemma of the Anthropocene PDF
  • Schnoor, Christoph, The House as Domestic Clinic PDF
  • Shaweesh, Maram, The Future of Mainstream Australian Housing: Insights into Multigenerational Living of Australia’s Lebanese Community PDF
  • Shroff, Meherzad B.; Worrall, Julian, Building Upon: A Designer’s Approach to Adaptive Reuse PDF
  • Skinner, Robin, Antipodes to Sydenham: Showcasing New Zealand at the Festival of Empire PDF
  • Strazzeri, Vittoria, Historical and Geographical Contextualisation of Rammed Earth Architecture PDF
  • Sully, Nicole, Urban Planning After JFK: Re-planning the ‘City of Hate’ PDF
  • Tavakoli, Hamed, Spatial Liminality as a Framework for Evaluating Revitalisation Programs in Historic Iranian Cities: The Case of the Imam-Ali Project in Isfahan PDF
  • Telford; Elsie ; Kidd, Akari N.; de Jong, Ursula; Jones, David, What If … Historical Knowledge of Cultural Landscapes and its Associated Narratives Offered an Opportunity for Cultivating a ‘Sense of Australianness’ in the 1960s-2000s? A Case Study of Hanging Rock, Victoria PDF
  • Thompson, James, Advancing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Architectural History PDF
  • Trimboli, Domenic, Interpretive Urban Cemeteries: Urban Cemeteries Reinterpreted PDF
  • Walker, Paul; Townsend, Catherine, Australia’s Home: An Alternative Narrative. Robin Boyd’s Writing on Flats and Medium Density Housing PDF
  • Wang, Kai, Localizing a Concept: The History of the Term ‘Architecture’ (Jianzhu) in China PDF
  • Wang, Ying, The Translation of Architectural Theories in 1980s China PDF
  • Webster, Dillon; Day, Kirsten; Raisbeck, Peter , Day in the Age: A Critical Observation of Architecture PDF
  • Woods, Scott, The Problem with Resolution: Colin Rowe’s Oppositional Urbanism PDF