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Saeedi, Azin
The Architectural and Urban Legacies of Rezah Shah: Towards Amassed Shi’i Mausoleums in Current Shiraz
Download PDF 1.33M
Murray, Andrew
What to Do with ‘Thirty Blow-Ins’ at a Housewarming Party: Peripheral Figures and Architectural History
Download PDF 342.61K
Clarke, Amy
The City that Lost its Soul: World Heritage, Development, and Contemporary Architectural Design in Edinburgh’s Old and New Towns
Download PDF 825.09K
Javid, Ali
From French Atelier to Italian Studio: The Impact of Italian Pedagogy and Archaeology on Architectural Pedagogy Revolution in Iran
Download PDF 1.35M
Marcello, Flavia
de Kruiff, Alison
Paay, Jeni
‘Triennale Virtuale’: New Modes of Architectural History Through VR Experiences of Ephemeral Architecture
Download PDF 738.96K
Kaji O’Grady, Sandra
Multispecies Workplaces
Download PDF 573.86K
Mozaffari, Ali
Westbrook, Nigel
Excavating the Past: The Ferdowsi Monument by Houshang Seyhoun
Download PDF 1.86M
Telford; Elsie
Kidd, Akari N.
de Jong, Ursula
Jones, David
What If … Historical Knowledge of Cultural Landscapes and its Associated Narratives Offered an Opportunity for Cultivating a ‘Sense of Australianness’ in the 1960s-2000s? A Case Study of Hanging Rock, Victoria
Download PDF 516.72K
George, Beth
Farrah, Sally
Theoretical Iterations of Paraline Projection from Ivan Leonidov, O. M. Ungers, and OMA
Download PDF 540.02K
Raxworthy, Julian
A Landscape of Fluctuating Boundaries: A Case Study in the Influence of Geomorphology on Urban Morphology
Download PDF 1.12M
Gohari, Anoosheh
Ignatieva, Maria
Westbrook, Nigel
The Fragmentation of Urban Structure in Relation to Memory and Nostalgia, Tajrish, Tehran
Download PDF 696.13K
Roudavski, Stanislav
Davis, Ashley
Respect for Old Age and Dignity in Death: The Case of Urban Trees
Download PDF 1.47M
Sully, Nicole
Urban Planning After JFK: Re-planning the ‘City of Hate’
Download PDF 377.97K
Gusheh, Maryam
Murphy, Catherine
History in Action: Practice-based Doctoral Research at Monash Architecture
Download PDF 376.10K
Fayyaz, Maryam
Sequencing Square: A Study of Patterns in the Plan Drawings of Peter Muller
Download PDF 1.93M
Nurjanti, Huda
Martokusumo, Widjaja
Faisal, Budi
Poetry, Feysa
Nadia, Nathania
Ulin as a Distinctive Character of Kalimantan’s Cultural Landscape: Using Cultural Landscape as Means of Cultural and Ecological Preservation
Download PDF 747.60K
Pérez, Santiago R.
Encoding Material Culture
Download PDF 1.20M
Frichot, Hélène
The Stories We Tell: Damaged Environment-Worlds and Speculative Gestures
Download PDF 377.86K
Mallia, Justin
Contradiction and Synthesis in Italian Fascist Architecture
Download PDF 749.21K
Webster, Dillon
Day, Kirsten
Raisbeck, Peter
Day in the Age: A Critical Observation of Architecture
Download PDF 378.61K