CfP: Transnational Circulations of Devotional Objects (Rome, 4-5 Feb 25)

Transnational Circulations of Devotional Objects through Religious Orders – Between the Iberian World and Rome.

The ProJesArt Research Group Agents: Jesuit Procurators and Alternative Channels for Artistic Circulation in the Hispanic World (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), in collaboration with Prof. Tristan Weddigen (Bibliotheca Hertziana), invite proposals from specialists on Italian material culture and Iberian and Latin American viceregal art to explore new methodological perspectives related to the transnational circulations of devotional objects that travelled between the Iberian world and Rome from the 16th to the 18th centuries.

As the epicenter of the Catholic world, Rome occupied a powerful place in the imaginary of the Early Modern Age on a global scale. In turn, Rome was also a recipient of ideas, people, and objects. Although these are commonplaces in the historiography, this workshop aims to analyze a specific kind of circulation within this context that has been less explored. It will focus on the religious agents who connected Rome materially with the Iberian world through the acquisition and distribution of a wide range of art and objects. Thus, the objective is to reframe questions and broaden perspectives in line with the approaches of recent studies on global and postcolonial art history (McNeill 1995; Gruzinski 2010; DaCosta Kauffmann, Dossin and Benson 2015; Göttler and Mochizuki 2018).

We invite submissions related to the issues and questions proposed. Major themes of interest include, but are not limited to: 
– Rome as a “great market” for devotional art
– Religious orders as agents in the circulations of devotional objects
– Typologies, functions, and taste for religious objects moving between Rome and the Iberian World
– The historiography of these travelling objects and religious material culture of the Early Modern Period
– “Small-big” devotional things: methodological perspectives for a reconsideration of the status of the devotional object

Submission Guidelines 
– Submit title and abstract (max. one page) and brief CV (max. 3 pages) to:
– Submission deadline: May 15, 2024 (notification of accepted papers by June 1, 2024)