2021 David Saunders Founder’s Grant

The 2021 David Saunders Founder’s Grant has been awarded to Jasper Ludewig for his project ‘Mapping the Global Moravian Network, 1720-1920’.

Jasper is a Lecturer in Architecture at the University of Newcastle, NSW.

‘Mapping the Global Moravian Network, 1720-1920’ uses digital humanities techniques to visualise and analyse the global history of the modern Moravian movement. Whether in Jamaica, Greenland, South Africa, Victoria or Far North Queensland, the Moravians constructed a similar environment everywhere. Although architecture played a fundamental role within the Moravians’ global corporate geography, the nature and consistency of its application remain almost entirely overlooked by historians of architecture. This project, therefore, seeks to account for over three hundred Moravian settlements established on every continent except for Antarctica from the early eighteenth- to the twentieth centuries. It will produce a freely available online database using software designed by the Time Layered Cultural Map project at the University of Newcastle. The final ‘publication’ will consist of an interactive database of settlements, connecting a public audience to digitised archival material from numerous institutions, as well as a series of accessible thematic essays that analyse the place of architecture within the long and global history of the Moravian network.

Image: Moravian settlements from around the world, 1720-1920, Moravian Archives Herrnhut