Current Issue

32.2 (2022)

The momentous historical events of recent days, the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the accession of King Charles III to the British throne, also remind us that Australia, New Zealand, and many Pacific and broader South-East Asian nations in our region still have lasting colonial effects, and in some cases connections. These themes of empire and colonisation and their architectural effects regionally and locally are taken up by authors in this issue. This is an open issue which has happily attracted some confluence of topics, with several articles able to act as companions to one another in regional focus, or methodological approach. This issue’s authors all, in some way, examine our geographic region, and the relationships between the local and the global, including local people, colonists, empire, international trade, industry, religion, and architectural movements. Further, the examination of what constitutes the architectural history archive itself continues to be probed within this issue, with the consequences for the individual scholars and the discipline examined.

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