Current Issue

29.1 (2019)

How might haunting reconfigure the histories and representations of past places, and reconsider the persistence and fallibility of memory in connection to architectural history? How can it shed new light on historiographical conventions and authorial voices in capturing the reverberations and atmospheres of historical sites and their representations? This issue of Fabrications was conceived in response to the Haunting, Memory, and Place symposium hosted by the Australian Centre for Architectural History, Urban and Cultural Heritage at the University of Melbourne in September 2017. The symposium sought to interrogate whether haunting could be adopted, either as lens or method, to disrupt the practices that shape and constrain architectural history–to more closely interrogate the context and circumstances in which particular ways of thinking and seeing arise within our discipline. The symposium embraced methods and fields of research beyond our own, from cultural history, art,landscape, and architectural practice, in the interests of opening new and productive avenues of research. This issue rushes headlong down those avenues.

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