Current Issue

30.3 (2020)

• A Journey to the Experimental Nation: Henry Demarest Lloyd and the Search for Industrial Democracy in New Zealand, Joanna Merwood-Salisbury • ASA 302 @ Georges Heights: Swedish Timber Prefabs in Australia, Abdulaziz Alshabib and Sam Ridgway • “I Made a Choice”: Enrico Taglietti Citizen of the World in Canberra, Silvia Micheli • “Space Formed by Building” Part 1: Reading the Rotherham House through Its Materiality, Julia Gatley • A Mosaic of Fragility: Interdisciplinary Ties between Morales’s Weak Architecture, Tarkovsky’s Weak Man and Vattimo’s Weak Thought, Viktorija Bogdanova• Forum – Other Spaces of Quarantine • Review – Southeast Asia’s Modern Architecture; Questions of Translation; Epistemology and Power • Report – “Distance Looks Back”: 36th Annual Conference of SAHANZ • Report – 2020 SAHANZ PhD Colloquium

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