Current Issue

31.3 (2021)


  1. Mirjana Lozanovska & Cameron Logan
    1. Gone West: The Middleton House, Grafton (1960-61) and Waiatarua (1968-69),
      Michael Davis, Julia Gatley & Gina Hochstein
    2. The Last Laugh and Its Afterlife: Emerging Narratives in 1970s Melbourne Architecture, 
      Kirsten Day & Peter Raisbeck
    3. Travel à la Mode: Australian Architects and the Changing Nature of the International Tour,
      Julie Willis & Katti Williams
    4. Tempered Modernism: Karl Langer’s Architecture for the Lutheran Church in Queensland,
      Sven Sterken & Lisa Marie Daunt
    5. Broadening Histories of Designed Landscapes: The Case of the Gembrook Nurseries and the Dandenong Ranges/Koran Warrabin Range,
      Karen Olsen
    1. Le Corbusier in the Antipodes: Art, Architecture and Urbanism by Antony Moulis,
      reviewed by Julia Gatley
    2. Balkanization and Global Politics: Remaking Cities and Architecture by Nikolina Bobic,
      reviewed by Uroš Čvoro
    3. Review of: Valuing Architecture: Heritage and the Economics of Culture edited by Ashley Paine, Susan Holden and John Macarthur,
      reviewed by Matthew Mindrup
    4. One Continuous Line: Art, Architecture and Urbanism of Aditya Prakash by Vikramaditya Prakash,
      reviewed by Elizabeth Grant
    1. Capturing a Cabinet of Curiosities: 3D Scanning a Building Heritage Collection,
      Naomi Mullumby & Meher Bahl

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