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Fabrications volume 23, number 2 (December 2013).

Edited by Deborah van der Plaat and Julia Gatley

Deborah van der Plaat & Julia Gatley

Jeremy Treadwell & Sarah Treadwell
Abstract Figures, Deep Plans and Family Life

Karen Burns
The Media Surface of Design Reform: Reproduction and the Traffic in Images, 1841-1852

Jennifer Preston & Naomi Stead
Edward Bell and the Interdisciplinarity of Engineering and Architecture in Victorian Sydney

The issue also includes the following report:

Andrew Montana
Constance Roth and Ellis Rowan: Lady Artists and Matters of Influence

The issue also includes the following book review:

Designer Suburbs. Architects and Affordable Homes in Australia, by Judith O'Callaghan and Charles Pickett. Review by Janina Gosseye.



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Anthony Treadwell, Drawing of the mural from the Group Construction Company's First House, Takapuna, Auckland (1949-1950), pastel on film, 1993.





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