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Asia focused initiatives at the Melbourne School of Design: 4-6 July 2016.

Spaces in transition: globalisation, transnationalism and urban change in the Asia-Pacific, 4-5 July, 2016.

Rethinking Modern Asia-Pacific Architectures, postgraduate student plenary, 6 July, 2016.

These two events are organised preceding and with a view to increasing regional participation in the SAHANZ 2016 Conference.

The workshop: Spaces in transition: globalisation, transnationalism and urban change in the Asia-Pacific, 4-5 July, 2016, at the Melbourne School of Design, The University of Melbourne, offers new innovative insights on architecture and urbanism in the Asia-Pacific region, using 'global modernisms' as a conceptual entry-point. The workshop engages with multiple historical processes such as decolonization, indigenization, urbanization and globalization and encourages critical reflection on the histories, pedagogies and practices of architecture in the Asia-Pacific. The proposed lines of critical inquiry are anchored in themes of urbanisation, governance, society and heritage and explore how interdisciplinary spatial theories and methodologies interrogate regional change. The workshop is framed as a forum for Australia-based scholarship on Southeast Asian and East Asian topics approached from an Inter-Asian perspective. A panel from CAMEA at the University of Adelaide will extend this focus towards other Asian regions. The event is organised with funding from the Strategic Initiative Fund at the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, The University of Melbourne. The initiative is headed by Anoma Pieris (UM), Duanfang Lu (USyd), and Cecilia Chu (HKU) under the umbrella of a nascent regional Society of Architectural Historians-Asia and is organised preceding and with a view to increasing regional participation in the SAHANZ conference. The group is mentored by Kate-Darian Smith under the ACAHUCH (Australian Collaboratory for Architectural History, Urban and Cultural Heritage).

The keynote for the workshop is Abidin Kusno from York University, Toronto, Canada. Prof. Kusno's research has been widely recognized in the field of Indonesian architecture and urban studies. His books include Appearances of Memory: Mnemonic Practices of Architecture and Urbanism in Indonesia (Duke University Press, 2010), After the New Order: Space, Politics and Jakarta (Hawaii University Press, 2013), and Behind the Postcolonial: Architecture, Urban Space and Political Cultures in Indonesia (Routledge, 2000). His visit is partly funded by the Indonesia Forum at the University of Melbourne. Alongside his participation at the workshop, Kusno will deliver one of the keynotes in GOLD: the 33rd Annual Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand and will be one of the panellists at the Indonesia Forum Panel Discussion, entitled Reading Indonesian Cities: Dreams, Nightmares and Memories of a Nation.

The workshop will be followed by a postgraduate student plenary: Rethinking Modern Asia-Pacific Architectures on 6 July 2016 held in collaboration with the University of Hong Kong and the National University of Singapore and funded through an International Research and Research Training Fund workshop grant from the University of Melbourne. Collaborating academics include Cecilia Chu and Eunice Seng from HKU and Jiat-Hwee Chang and Lilian Chee from NUS.

Organisers of both the events include Anoma Pieris, Amanda Achmadi and Sidh Sintusingha at the University of Melbourne, John Ting at the University of Canberra and David Beynon at Deakin University. Amanda is also the convenor of the University of Melbourne's Indonesia Forum.